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      Deposits and Terms for 2012

Our Interest-free "Pay It Your Way"extended payment plan was a    huge hit in 2011 - so we'll be continuing this great plan for 2012!

Your Man in Europe/Magical Tours is pleased to offer this easy payment plan. Here's how it works: After the initial $500 reservation deposit is made, tour members may decide on their own payment schedule. That's right, Magical Tours will accept  any  number of payments , in any amount, and at any time - just so the final balance is paid no later than May 1st (or May 15 for certain tours), 2012.

We never require that you apply for a new credit card account  or secure the balance due using your existing credit card in order to take advantage of this offer. Of course full payment will be accepted at anytime prior to the due dates.

SCHEDULE OF PAYMENTS: For all tours an initial deposit of $500 for adult or child is required. All payments made by credit card incur a 3% surcharge.

April 1, 2012 Deadline for deposits to guarantee a secured place on all tours as described in the individual itineraries and at the stated tour cost.

April 15, 2012 - Late cut-off date for deposits subject to space availability. (It must be understood that certain accommodations may vary with late sign-ups.)  A surcharge may also apply.

May 1  (or May 15 for certain tours), 2012 - All final payments due on all tours.

Extended Payment Terms: To take advantage of our special no-interest extended payment plan, tour participants may divide the balance due into any number of payments after payment of the initial deposit, as long as the final balance due is paid no later than May 1, 2012 (Or May 15 if applicable).  There is no need  for furnishing a payment plan - just mail in your checks or pay online any time it's convenient for you!

In the case of deposits made after April 1, 2012 the extended payment plan is still available, but as final payment is due no later than May 1 (or May 15 if applicable), 2012, the usefulness of the plan is diminished.

Non-payment: If a client fails to comply with the payment schedule by the required due date. Magical Tours reserves the right to replace that participant with another client. In the event of a client being bumped for non-payment, all monies paid, less a $300 service fee, will be refunded within 30 days.

CANCELLATIONS: Individuals canceling reservations within 30 days of the booking (the date on which the deposit is received by Your Man in Europe/ Magical Tours) and prior to April 1, 2012 are entitled to a refund, less any fees incurred in the financial transactions, e.g., credit card transaction fees (3%). After April 1, 2012 (or After the first 30 days) but prior to May 1 (or May 15), 2012 a service fee of $250 is non-refundable; and all the remaining amount paid in is fully refundable, less 3% for payments made by credit card. For cancellations Between May 1 and June 10, 2012 the full deposit amount and 50% of subsequent payments are non-refundable.* AFTER JUNE 10, 2012 NO REFUNDS WILL BE AUTHORIZED_

Assistance with the transfer of payments to a substitute tour participant (for example someone on a waiting list) may be available upon written request. Payments transferred to another party are subject to a $250 service fee.

In the event of a tour cancellation at the discretion of Your Man in Europe/Magical Tours, all payments made, less a 3% service charge for payments made by credit card, are FULLY REFUNDABLE. Airline tickets purchased by individual prospective tour participants in connection with a tour are not subject to any refund by Your Man in Europe/Magical Tours, however Travel Insurance normally provides for such refunds.

Exceptions to the Your Man in Europe/Magical Tours refund policy include:

1. Restrictions imposed by governments or airlines or other travel suppliers (for example in the event of acts of terrorism)

2. Natural or man-made disasters

In the event of such exceptional circumstances refunds will be issued within 60 days, less 3% for payments made by credit card and a pro-rata share of any pre-paid expenses in connection with the tour for which Your Man in Europe/ Magical Tours cannot obtain a refund from the supplier(s).

NOTE: Your Man in Europe/Magical Tours has never canceled a confirmed tour for any reason.

* Claims for money not eligible for refunds may be submitted to your Travel Insurance provided according to the companys terms of coverage. Covered reasons for cancellations or no-shows may be considered by the Travel Insurance provider, not Your Man in Europe/ Magical Tours. Remember, TravelSafe Insurance is optional, but is always a good choice!



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