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Magical Tours
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About Magical Tours:

       You've found Magical Tours, your travel gateway to enchanted worlds!

As a division of Your Man in Europe, our only business is leading small group themed tours in Great Britain. Our promise is to give you the most complete and worry-free Harry Potter theme tour possible. Every tour is accompanied by extremely knowledgeable  guides whose only concern is that you have the time of your life!

We deliver on that promise. Just read our Testimonials page to see what former guests have to say!

Ours are THE DEFINITIVE HARRY POTTER THEMED TOURS. We offer the most imaginative and feature-packed travel adventures available anywhere. Period. We see more locations than any other tour out there!

Just sign up for an existing tour, and we’ll handle every detail. If it's not already included in the trip cost, we can help you find good airfare options. Compare prices for exclusive private tours like ours, and you'll be convinced that Magical Tours is the way to go. Your trip of a lifetime won’t be spoiled by one unplanned cost after another. And you’ll visit many wonderful, out-of-the-way Harry Potter filming locations and places that inspired J. K. Rowling’s imagination - ones the big group travelers seldom get to see. We'll make sure you get to see the “behind-the-scenes” Britain that's out there beyond the over-crowded tourist stops.We work hard to make you to feel as if you’re really part of a magical world.

A Word About the Nature of a Magical Tour: Our tours are unique, and may not be the perfect choice for everyone. While we would love to share the magic with every single Harry Potter fan, some folks would be happier with different travel arrangements. We pride ourselves on flexibility and the pure joy of experiencing unique and unforgettable places. Our tours are casual, and we try not to hurry through activities; but from time to time guests may feel a sense of urgency to be on time for things like train connections or time-sensitive events. We fit an enormous amount into relatively short tours; and there is a lot of work that goes on "behind the scenes." Our tour staff is constantly working for the maximum enjoyment and effect in everything we do - and in order to get it all in, we simply MUST be somewhat flexible.

Our tours are fairly physically demanding. In most places there is quite a lot of walking - because it's the only way to access many of the places we visit. We don't go at a grueling pace, but our guests need to be reasonably fit, or they simply can't enjoy the experience as thoroughly.

If you are a rigid "Type A" personality, and prefer to have every activity timed to the precise minute, you may find our tours too informal for you. If you work as hard at controlling your vacation experiences as you do at doing your job or running your business back home, a Magical Tour may be a bit of an adjustment for you. If you cannot find pleasure and joy in going with the flow and relishing the magic, or if you really don't like surprises, please think carefully about signing up for a Magical Tour.

We conduct very ambitious itineraries, and
we simply cannot guarantee that on such journeys there will be zero unplanned situations or minor inconveniences. No tour operator can... If small delays or inconsequential unexpected developments would be likely to eclipse your appreciation for the entire experience, then our tours might not be the best choice for you,

In all of our tours the Group Dynamic is crucial to everyone having a truly magical experience.

Keep in mind that we are surprisingly successful in softening even the most determined skeptics.

So, for those truly in seach of enchanted worlds, let's get

started. Explore the website and make your choices. We

want to help you have the Harry Potter trip of a lifetime!

      Relax your on Vacation

This exciting concept is the brain child of Larry Ivy, a veteran European traveler and tour organizer, former resident of England, and owner of the Texas-based independent travel agency, Your Man in Europe. Larry has been organizing and leading specialty tours to Europe since 1990, and has developed a distinctive style of European travel. These small group tours have proved enormously popular with adventure-seekers of all ages. He usually personally escorts the tours for the entire time. If you need more information we’ll be delighted to speak with or write to you personally.

Your Man in Europe is a certified IATA travel agency, a member of OSSN (for travel professionals), and is approved as a provider of travel insurance for our clients. Your Man in Europe/Magical Tours maintains an extensive network of travel suppliers and personal contacts throughout Europe. If you need more information about our company visit, or send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or call 817-688-7468. If you’d like to contact us by mail, our mailing address is 2608 S University Drive, Suite 11, Fort Worth, TX 76109 (USA).


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